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Indian Cooking

Classic Indian Vegetarian and Grain Cooking by Julie Sahni
A masterful selection of India's vegetarian cuisine--from delicate curries to fiery hot dals--all healthful and delicious.

A Simple Celebration : A Vegetarian Cookbook for Body, Mind, and Spirit : The Nutritional Program from the Chopra Center for Well Being by Ginna Bell Bragg, David Simon
This cookbook by two of Chopra's close associates, a nutritionist and a medical doctor, adapts Ayurvedic principles and cooking for Westerners.

Chilis to Chutneys : American Home Cooking With the Flavors of India by Neelam Batra
"Batra brings an Indian sensibility--and palate--to typically American foods."

Indian Vegetarian Cooking at Your House by Sunetra Humbad and Amy Schafer Boger, M.D.

30-Minute Vegetarian Indian Cookbook by Mridula Baljekar

The Indian Vegetarian by Neelam Batra, Shelly Rothschild-Sherwin
"India's wide-ranging, inventive vegetarian cuisine for American cooks. Introductory chapter on the essentials of Indian flavorings."

Meatless Indian Cooking from the Curry Club : Over 150 Delicious Dishes by by Pat Chapman, Chapman Pat
From the famous "Curry Club" in England.

International Vegetarian Cooking

Madhur Jaffrey's World-Of-The-East Vegetarian Cookbook by Madhur Jaffrey
"Flavorful cuisine is featured from Far Eastern and Middle Eastern countries, Bali, Japan, China, and her own home country--India."

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison
"The elegant simplicity and exquisite flavor of Deborah Madison's food make her one of America's leading cooks. "

The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook : 350 Essential Recipes for Inspired Everyday Eating by Jack Bishop, Anne Stratton, Rux Martin
"The ingredients are simple, the steps are simple, and the results are delicious."

150 Vegan Favorites : Fresh, Easy and Incredibly Delicious Recipes You Can Enjoy Every Day by Jay Solomon
"The best cookbook for new vegans"

Good Time Eatin' in Cajun Country : Cajun Vegetarian Cooking by Donna Simon
"Simon shows us how to make delicious vegetarian versions of File Gumbo, Boulettes, Red Beans and Rice, Blackened Tofu and much, much more. "

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Cooking With Kurma:Gourmet Vegetarian by
"Exciting receipes that can easilly be adapted to suit all appetites"

Natural Health With Medicinal Herbs by Jim Meuninck, et al.

Regional Cooking:

Curried Favors : Family Recipes from South India by Maya Kaimal MacMillan, Brian Hagiwara (Photographer), Zubin Shroff (Photographer)
"Maya focuses on the less familiar cooking of Southern India, particularly the province of Kerala, her family's original home".

The Best of Goan Cooking by Gilda Mendonsa

From Bengal to Punjab : The Cuisines of India by Smita Chandra

Best of Kashmiri Cooking by Neerja Mattoo

Bengali Cooking : Seasons and Festivals by Chitrita Banerji, Deborah Madison

Moghul Microwave : Cooking Indian Food the Modern Way by Julie Sahni, Jonathan Combs
"The foremost creator and teacher of Indian cooking outside India, shows how the microwave can be used to create Indian food easily--without compromising quality or taste."

Vegetarian Wonders from Gujarat by Aroona Reejhsingani

Quick and Easy Indian Cooking : Featuring Cuisine from Maharashtra State by H. Dandekar

Balti Curry Cookbook by by Pat Chapman
Rustic food from Baltistan region.

The Bombay Brasserie Cookbook : Over 100 Recipes With the Authentic Flavours of the Raj by Udit Sarkhel, Vernon Morgan

More Int. Vege. Cooking

North Africa : The Vegetarian Table by Kitty Morse, Deborah Jones
"Vegetarians will appreciate the complex flavors and brilliant colors of North African food."

Delicious Jamaica : Vegetarian Cuisine by Yvonne McCalla Sobers, Yvonne M. Sobens
"The food is so delicious they will never know how healthy it really is. Guaranteed."

Asian Vegetarian Feast : Tempting Vegetable & Pasta Recipes from the East by Ken Hom
"One of the world's greatest authorities on Chinese cooking"

Real Vegetarian Thai by Nancie McDermott
"Health-conscious cooks with a repertoire of vegetarian dishes that capture the vibrant taste of Thailand."

30-Minute Vegetarian Mexican Cookbook by
by Sarah Beattie

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