IANC Constitution

India Association of Northern Colorado

IANC's Adopt-a-Street Photographs

We held the first cleaning of the adopted street on May 23 during 8:45-9AM.

Our street is Horsetooth, between College and Shield. We gathered at the Carmike Cinema. Special vests and bags were provided by the City. We divided into several groups and picked up trash from both sides. We were done done by the time "Starwars" viewers arrived at the theater. We all enjoyed the company of fellow IANC members and morning walk. Some refreshments were provided. If you missed it this time, we will have another cleaning in 3-4 months.

Thanks to all those who joined us. (Have you seen our sign by the Blockbuster video?)
Volunteers preparing to start
Volunteers near the bank.
One of the volunteer teams picking up trash

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