Ancient Jain Pratima Photographs

  1. Ayagapatta of Simhanadika: The Ayagapattas of Mathura are pre-Kushana (The Kushana period is approximately 1st century AD- 320). This ayagapatta is well known because of representation of ashta-mangla. It has a Brahmi inscription on it, but no date.
    1. The Ayagapatta of Simhanadika, Mathura

    Gupta Period (320AD to 480AD)

  2. The discovery of this and a couple of other similar idols near Vidhisha in MP caused quite a commotion. The inscription mentions the Gupta king Ramagupta, whose very existance was doubted in the past by some scholars.From AD 370-375.
    2. Jina Chandraprabh of Gupta king Ramagupta

  3. This Jina-pratima is from mid fourth century.
    3. Jina pratima, Gupta period, Mathura

  4. Jina pratima on simhasana: This is from the fifth century. Notice the following
    4. Jina pratima, Gupta period, Mathura