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Population: 91 census
Tahsil Total Male Female
Hatta 108339 57183 51156
Batiagarh 97076 50995 46081
Patharia 120810 63698 57112
Damoh 257261 135300 121961
Jabera 119444 62173 57271
Tendukheda 106456 55344 51112
Patera 88739 46691 42048
Total 898125 471384 426741

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Major towns:
Population: 91 census
Town Total Male Female
22937 12141 10796
14311 7572 6739
Hindoria 12600 6570 6030
105043 55460 49583
Tendukheda 07791-722 8031 4229 3802

Poets of Bundelkhand
Keshav Das
Pran Nath
Lal Kavi
Viyogi Hari
Maithilisharan Gupta
Siyaramsharan Gupta

Last lions in Damoh 1847-1848
Tiger near Tendukheda

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Welcome to the website for Damoh city and district.

Damoh rose to importance in the 14th century when occupied by the Khiljis and was the seat of Maratha governors (map). It was constituted a municipality in 1867. Brought to you by proud residents of Damoh, a small and historic city in Madhya Pradesh.

Dist. Area (sq. km): 7,306. Population: 897,944.
Distance: from Bhopal: 273 KM, from Jabalpur: 106 KM.


Damoh: Information


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Flora of Madhya Pradesh : Chhatarpur and Damoh by G. P. Roy

A Historical Atlas of South Asia/With Map by by Joseph E. Schwartzberg (Editor), Shiva G. Bajpai (Editor)

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Some interesting facts about Damoh town

A fountain once stood where the ghantaghar is now. Old name of the area is fuvvara.

Near the fountian at Station Road, there was a mile-stone mentioning "Damoh 1 mile". The old town of Damoh was at the foot of Gajananki toria.

The British establishment was located near Jatashankar hill and Naugaja toria. The major relics of the british period include the circuit house, British church now unused), and the British cemetary.

Before inependence the Gajananki toria was called Gaji Pir ki toria. Some 12th cent sculpture fragments from the toria are in the Damoh museum. There are many supposed tombs of Gaji Pir and Naugaja Pir throughout India.

There was once a Farsi inscription in the Kila (now museum) from Khilji period. Its current location is unknown.

There was once a Bhattarak seat in Damoh.

Damoh was also called "Damo".

Damoh is older than Sagar. Sagar was founded by Udan Singh in 1660. Present Jabalpur was selected as Maratha headquarters in 1781 (although nearby Garha was a capital of the Gond kingdom), thus Damoh is older than Jabalpur also.

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