IANC schedule

IANC Board

President Yashwant   223-7878
Vice President Mandar  223-0665, 491-9942 office
Secretary Kaushik 225-9910
Treasurer Ravi 206-4965 
Cultural Coordinator Sudhir 226-0473
Bal Vihar Coordinator Usha 223-9222
Spiritual Act. Coordinator V. Chandrasekar  282-9147
                             V Gheewala  226-4272
CSU Coordinator ? CSU India Asso.
Induastry Coordinator Bharath 898-0540 office
Community Ser Coordinator Krishna Murthy  221-2370
Seniors Act. Coordinator Mrs. Oberoi  493-7174
Women's club Coordinator Bina Bawa  204-9210
Youth Coordinator Ashesh 

Dhanjay Kulkarni 419-0391
Shamal kulkarni  495-9826

Preety Sathe 225-3817
Rohit Bhatia  282-9887

CSU Classroom audio-visual 1-5466 (projector cost $75/weekend)
University Village office: 1-5907 (closed 12-12:30 noon)
Stephanie: Sr center: 221-6644
room 6:30-9:30, 3x$60=180 (enter for setup 6pm)
Kitchen (inc. plates, silver, glasses)
  150-190: $120
  200-249: $150
Linen (table cloth) $3.25x(200/6?=33)=$107.25
Napkins: $0.15*0=0
Total Sr Center: $437

Catering: $8*160+$4*20+0*20=$1360

Help: $40
Diwali ideas suggestions for 2000:

More light on stage
Per person charge raise to $10-11
Try other food venders: get firm commitments
More rich food items (palak paneer, rasmalai, malai koftas etc)
Move to CSU or Lincoln center to allow 225-275 people.
Allow more time.
Plan very early.

Diwali planning
98-99 Account
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